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Fresh Outlook Centering Upon the Savior

FOCUS Ministries. Bay and Peg Forrest co-founded FOCUS in 1992, when they returned home from serving as missionaries at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, East Africa. After serving overseas for five years, thinking their calling was for life, the Lord clearly shifted their hearts back to ministry in the United States, adding, with time, open doors to share the gospel in other parts of the world, as well.

The ministry wraps its entire mission statement around an acronym which spells out FOCUS. No ministry is complete without a mission statement…for clarity, for purpose, for direction, and, above all, to remain focused. So, from the conception of FOCUS Ministries, their heart has beat with a desire to present, and re-present, Jesus to the church and the un-churched. They are ever thankful, that the Lord grants opportunity after opportunity to get up each day to do just this, and, prayerfully, leave each audience with a Fresh Outlook Centering Upon the Savior.

Bay and Peg do not see their calling much unlike that of the Apostle Paul’s, who stated his ministry so clearly in Colossians 1:28-29:

We proclaim Jesus by instructing, and teaching, all people with all wisdom, so that we may present every person mature in Christ. Toward this goal, we also labor, struggling according to His power that powerfully works within us.

It is to this end that FOCUS Ministries exists…reaching upward, staying focused on Jesus…committed to being the hands, feet, and mouth-piece of the Savior, anywhere, anytime the Lord opens the door.


“I have heard Bay speak to both teens and adults, and both are set afire by his passion for God and his love for people. He is warm. He is transparent, yet he is convictional.”

President of Growing Leaders

“Compassionate, gentle, patient and kind…all of these make me think of Peg Forrest. She is a truly gifted speaker who captivates the attention of every woman in the room and makes each one feel loved and special in her own unique way. We loved her and can’t wait to hear from her again!”

Women’s Ministry Director of Grace Chapel, Skeneatles, NY

“Bay is one of the most dynamic and challenging speakers I have heard anywhere. His energetic speaking style and genuine concern for student and adult audiences motivate them to desire a deeper relationship with the Lord.”

College Evangelism Strategist for the Southern Baptist Convention

“Peg was a joy to work with for our annual women’s retreat. Her sweet spirit calmed my stress, in the midst of running a retreat. Peg opened our hearts to the Lord, showed us His love, and helped us experience his tender forgiveness. Her gifts of encouragement and support have truly challenged our intimacy with Jesus.”

Women’s Ministry Director, First United Methodist, Farmington, NM

“Bay spoke at our men’s retreat and was awesome! Many of the men said it was the very best retreat they have ever been to. Bay is a man of God, and challenged our men to have a deeper walk with Christ. His passion and obvious love for Jesus motivates men to desire the same in their lives.”

Midwest District, President too Men’s Ministry for the Missionary Church

“Peg is warm, real, encouraging, vulnerable, and totally devoted to Jesus. She is a gifted teacher and communicator with the ability to speak with ease to hundreds of women, yet make it so personal you feel like you are the only one in the room.”

Women’s Ministry Director, Grace Community Church, Kailua Kona, HI

“When Bay took the stage I saw a basketball player, but when he exited, all I saw was a man of God. He is passionate about Jesus Christ and he is genuine in his love for people. The salt in Bay’s life definitely leaves you thirsting for more of what he has.”

Chaplain, Cal Baptist University

“Peg was the perfect speaker for our retreat. Sometimes, speakers seem so abundantly blessed, and I come away with the feeling that I must not be doing something right, but Peg was so much more relatable. I really loved that she was so much like us.”

Thrive Ministry retreat attendee, Tanzania, East Africa

“Bay is an excellent communicator of the gospel. His biblically based messages challenging a life-style of holiness is never more needed for both youth and adults. As was David, Bay is a man after God’s own heart.”

Rocky Mountain District Superintendent of Nazarene Churches

“Prior to this retreat, I was ready to leave the mission field; but my time sitting under Peg’s teaching, reminded me that it’s OK to be broken, and bold, in who I am in the Lord. I have left with new-found courage in my walk with the Lord. It was a time of deep refreshment.”

Azmera Ministry retreat attendee, Costa Rica

A little more about FOCUS Ministries

The Lord really began to birth FOCUS Ministries years ago in Bay and Peg, using their passions, collective backgrounds, past ministries, and life-lessons as a platform for sharing the gospel. They each bring over 50-years of living, and walking with Jesus, to audiences in churches, retreats, youth ministries, universities, schools, family camps, and conferences world-wide.

Together, Bay and Peg use their past experiences to share hope in Jesus. They believe their stories matter, because God is most glorified in our stories, as His Word comes to life.

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Prayer Calendar

There are several ways that you can personally get involved in FOCUS Ministries. One of those ways is through prayer. We value your prayers, and are always looking to expand our Prayer Team. Each month, we will post a prayer calendar that will give you guided prayer suggestions, as well as keep you informed as to the dates we’re away speaking. As the Apostle Paul asked his ministry team to pray, so we ask the same: “pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored…(2 Thessalonians 3:1)”

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Another way you can be personally involved in FOCUS Ministries is through giving. Many of the places we are invited to speak can only afford to cover our travel and a place to stay, even then, this is not true of overseas events (when we travel to other countries, we often must pay our way). We believe it is critical to use wisdom when and where we go, but we also want to be prepared financially to go ANYWHERE, ANYTIME the Lord gives His nod for us to say, “YES!” Your giving makes ministry possible.

FOCUS Ministries is a 501 (C-3), non-profit organization, and all gifts are tax deductible.