April 3 Women’s Event @ New Life Church in Dulce, NM (Peg)

April 10-22 Various events in Ft. Wayne, IN and Greenfield, IN (Pathway Community Church, Browns Wesleyan Church) – possible side trip to Creation Museum and The Ark

April 10 & 11 (3 services at Pathway)

TENTATIVE: April 16 (speak in school in Greenfield, IN)

April 17 (Men’s and Women’s ministry – separate meetings following a brunch at Browns Wesleyan)

April 18 (Bay speaks at Browns Wesleyan for morning service)

May 1-5 Supporters Dan and Allison Knowles

May 10-14 Pathway Community Church, Ft. Wayne, IN.

May 19 Valor Christian Academy Chapel, Pagosa Springs (Bay)

May 24-28 Pastoral Refreshment Ministry

June 18 City wide outreach event in Dulce, NM. (Bay & Peg)

June 25-28 Tim, Mandy and 5 other couples from their small group

July 16-21 FCA Leadership Retreat in Michigan (Bay)

July 23-25 FOCUS Ministries Board Retreat at Born Lake

CANCELLED: August 7-14 Camp of the Woods (Bay, Peg, Joe), Speculator, NY

August 19-22 Ministry Renewal Retreat for supporters (Houston, TX)

August 26-30 Pastoral Refreshment Ministry. Vail Christian Church, Vail, AZ

September 24-27 Pastors Retreat for the Nazarene Church of Oregon, Newport Beach, OR. (Bay and Peg)

TENTATIVE: October 26-Nov 4 King of Kings Community Church Women’s Retreat (an Azmera Event) to be held in Magdala, Israel

November 4 – 22 Tentative plans to go to Kenya for several events in different communities, including chapel at Rift Valley Academy