Highlights of This Season


The picture above was taken at the Glendale Christian Church women’s retreat held at the Embassy Suites in Phoenix. Out of this retreat, Peg formed a special connection with a mom whose son just left with the U.S. Army to serve in Iraq. Because Peg could relate to the emotions that come with that event, and having walked that road, they were able to pray together, and have stayed in touch.


Daughter, Mandy, and her best friend, Candy, got to join Peg in Phoenix for the weekend! It’s rare to be able to get these girls away from their busy mom-lives…


The Pagosa Women’s Retreat is a “home town,” annual event that Peg has participated in for years and spoken at four times. This year she was blessed to be joined by close friends, with whom there has been some history of finding- fun in “creative ways” at past retreats… What fun to laugh about past shenanigans when we were “younger”…

Besides the friends who come, Peg gets the privilege of getting to build relationship with new women in the Pagosa area. At this retreat we focused on finding “Joy in the Journey” (a study Peg’s been on since December of 2014); and, a highlight was the very personal song that one of the worship leader’s wrote just for this retreat!

The contact for the Klamath Falls event came from her speaking with Thrive Ministry. Five former Thrive volunteers came in prayer support as she spoke. A second highlight from this event is that Peg’s been asked back to do another retreat in March for a different group of between 200-300 women. So blessed!

Our dear friends, Rick & Nancy Daniels (Rick’s president of our board) travelled with us to New England. Nancy played piano for the Center Barnstead Church on Sunday morning, as well as set a sweet tone with the prisoners at the New Hampshire State Prison.


We took a few extra days of vacation and enjoyed “leaf peeping with our friends and hosts, Brian and Judy Gower; and spent a few days eating sea food up and down the New England coast all the way to Bar Horbor (Bah Habah), ME.

…Now we’re on diets… 😀



Fall = Women’s Retreats

IMG_9595Fall is a favorite season for women’s events. Kids are back in school after being home all summer, and moms (& grand-moms) are ready to have a little space to just “sigh” and be renewed.

Peg spoke at three fall retreats with just such a theme of “Refresh, Renew, and Restore.” Each retreat, held in three locations (Phoenix, Az; Pagosa Springs, CO; and Klamath Falls, OR.) were uniquely special for her (see the sidebar on page 1 & 2).

Besides the retreats that have filled Peg’s fall schedule, she has added numerous counseling opportunities. Some of these are face-to-face via Skype, some face-to-face over coffee. The point is that these times are often God’s way of redeeming her life stories…


Bay started his fall ministry in prison…the New Hampshire State Prison (I hope you don’t read into this…). Bay had been honored to speak there early last spring, and built relationship with many believing inmates. We returned to do more ministry, bringing along our board president, who also shared the speaking load twice at prison, and also presented a GREAT Sunday school lesson at church. It was a time of significant blessing, as a number of decisions were made for Jesus in the prison. This ministry among the inmates brings so much hope in an otherwise despairing situation. Many of them related to Bay’s message on the healing of the demoniac, who wanted to go with Jesus, but whom the Lord asked to stay and tell of the Good News. What an opportunity to serve in a world far removed from our lives… Again, while in New Hampshire, Bay preached the morning message at the Center Barnstead church, whose history is pre-Civil War (oh, if those walls could talk!)…

From New England, Bay flew to Montana, where he was joined with Joe Odhiambo. The two of them travelled about Montana and Wyoming speaking in schools and evening evangelistic services (mostly on the Rez).


Joe on the Crow Rez


Over 700 6th graders were bussed in from all over Great Falls

We spoke in schools to over 5,000 students, and then in churches in the evenings, where we tried to get kids and their parents to come to an event where we could tell them “the whole truth”! The Lord blessed with 50-100 decisions for Christ, and we were able to give each new believer one of my devotional books, along with giving their contact info to local churches to follow up and disciple them. The pictures we’ve included probably do the best job of “describing” our time in this needy area where darkness so often prevails. Please pray for the seeds planted there to grow and be well nurtured and produce lots more fruit!


One of my passions (Bay) is ministry on the Native American Reservations. My grandpa was a missionary to the Cowboys and Indians of Northern Arizona, and it seems that love was somehow passed on to me! The picture above is of Newton, an 83 year old Crow Native American pastor and cowboy. He still rides and ropes! I told him when I grow up, I want to be like him – love Jesus and ride horses! 😀

Bay sharing with high schoolers - guys were State Champs in basketball - what a great connection!

Bay sharing with high schoolers – guys were State Champs in basketball – what a great connection!

The following two testimonies of the time with Joe blessed us, and hopefully help give you a picture of what took place:

I was inspired and encouraged particularly by Bay’s message Sunday morning. While I had been looking forward to hearing from him and seeing Joe’s talent, I was overwhelmed by the spiritual depth of an “ex-NBA” player’s sermon. Not to be prejudiced, but I guess I expected a pep-talk and found instead a profound challenge for “mature” Christians. As he expressed, Christianity is so much more than asking Jesus to live in one’s heart. Christ calls for total commitment of all that I have and all I am for His glory. If more of America’s “Christians” truly heard and received this message, we would experience transformative revival in our churches that would have to spread to our communities and entire nation. I pray God continues to use Bay and bless his unique ministry and call to total FOCUS. I also appreciated Joe’s fantastic skill dedicated to God, made more profound by his testimony. His determination to prepare himself to be the best for God in spite of coming from a place of no resources should convict all who feel their “disadvantaged” situation entitles them to a lackadaisical life of excuses. Joe radiates the love of God and truly engages young and old, taking time even for little children. What a blessing to receive this powerful ministry team!

-Charity, a lay-woman from the Riverside Nazarene Church


Bay spoke 21 times to over 5,000 students and adults.

The crossover from the school assembly to the FOCUSED tour was a great thing to see. I personally talked to four families who had teens at the school, and listened to Joe and Bay in that setting. They caught their attention. So much so that knowing the two were speaking at Sunnyside that evening, they were not about to miss it. When they came, they brought mom and dad along. Then, to be in the event in a standing room only situation was tremendous. Watching Joe do incredible things with basketballs, then passing the speaking “torch” to Bay was vivid in its impact. At least 70 to 80, and probably more, teens were introduced to the gospel in a very pointed unique way. Bay was clear, attention keeping, and presented life changing challenges that were accepted by many teens and adults alike. Many of the people that attended would not come to a “conventional” church service. They would not even consider coming. Yet there they were, listening to TRUTH presented in a plain, very easy to understand format from Bay. It was powerful. It was incredible. It was timely. It was needed.

-Jon Martin, Pastor of Sunnyside Church, Kennear Wyoming

A.D. fom Lodgegrass between Bay and Joe; Our host, Bil Carr and Dr. John Nels, Navajo District Superintendent of the Nazarene Churches in AZ, NM, & CA

A.D. fom Lodgegrass between Bay and Joe; Our host, Bil Carr and Dr. John Nels, Navajo District Superintendent of the Nazarene Churches in AZ, NM, & CA

On Nov 10th, Bay heads to Toronto, Canada (actually Waterloo) for a men’s retreat, as well as speaking in two different churches on Wed and Sun. Men’s ministry has become one of Bay’s favorite areas of ministry, and this event of 80-100 men from several local churches should be a great opportunity to challenge these dads and grandpas to really step up and lead their families as godly role models and examples of what it looks like to be fully “Sold Out” (theme for the retreat) for God’s glory! Then, when Bay returns, he preaches in our home church, doing a new message entitled “Mercy…Me!” (on November 22). We’ll close out the year, presenting a few minutes of “ministry moments” at a supporting church in Ignacio, CO. Thanks for all your prayers in lifting us up as we continue to brag on Jesus wherever He opens the doors and sends us!

Don’t forget that our upcoming schedule, and our prayer calendar our on our website (updated each month)

Please know we are so grateful for each and every one of you who uphold this ministry in prayer and/or finances! May the Lord bless you abundantly…